About Our Spanish School

Spanish-Online is a division of AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, Peru.

We are proud to say that we have 25 years of expeirence teaching Spanish to foreigners, both in real-live and online.  Online learning  has become very popular  lately and we believe it is here to stay is here to stay. We love to teach the Spanish language online Spanish classes as much as we love our live lessons in Peru. For many years, we have been a leader in the Latin American market offering a wide variety of Spanish courses for foreigners in Peru.  In Peru, we combine Spanish Immersion courses with local homestay, traveling, volunteering in Peru and much more.

About our Spanish School. 

In 2020, the market for online Spanish classes  has grown enourmously.  Many people started to  learn or perfect their Spanish during the pandemic. The outreach has been so impressive that we have been very motivated to grow our online audience helping more and more people to master the Spanish Language. 

At the same time, we also improved our Online English Lessons for the Spanish speaking audience.  

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Our vision is to provide quality, effective and affordable immersion teaching accessible to everyone. Our Spanish teachers will provide you with a cultural immersion experience with personalized attention and accompany you every step of the way to fluency in Spanish.


We believe that learning languages and learning about other cultures is very important, as it gives us a broader perspective on life and a better understanding and empathy towards others. Languages and cultures are very important when building bridges and getting closer to people.

Our Spanish Teachers

“One day with a great teacher is worth more than one thousand days of diligent study.

With that we’ve said it all: learning Spanish with a teacher through direct interaction is never the same as studying (only) with software or videos – no matter how great those resources can be. Our staff is made up of bilingual and native Spanish teachers who consider that teaching you is a privilege and a great responsibility. To learn the Spanish language, it is essential to have a good teacher who inspires you and brings out the best in you. A great teacher makes you want to perform better, aim higher and achieve more.

Our teachers have a true vocation for teaching Spanish. The Online Spanish Classes will never be monotonous or boring. What’s more, our Spanish tutors will make you enjoy the learning process. They have been chosen for their high-quality teaching skills, for their enthusiasm and personality (kindness and patience).

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All of our teachers are highly qualified and have years of experience. They are native speakers and professionals committed to helping students achieve their goals and providing a pleasant learning experience, plus more in culture.

The teachers are from different Spanish speaking countries and most live in Peru and Latin America, so they have knowledge of the Spanish language and Latin culture. They have all participated in our teacher-training program and take additional continuous courses during their employment. Everyone speaks at least one other language, mainly English.

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Why learn Spanish with us?

For our Online Spanish classes, we have developed online Spanish programs  that combine all the necessary elements to make your learning successful and fun! Our Spanish teachers bring the experience of cultural immersion to your home. Not everyone can travel to a Spanish-speaking country to immerse themselves in language and culture. Therefore, our native teachers, through Online Spanish classes, will give you this unique experience that no software, video or book used to study Spanish in isolation can give you.

Reasons Learn Spanish Online

Why learn Spanish with us?

We have:

  • The best native speaking teachers
  • An effective and varied method
  • 25 years of experience teaching languages
  • Specialists in Spanish as a second language
  • Flexible hours, adapted to your availability
  • A wide variety of personalized courses and programs
  • Dynamic classes with a high level of attention and motivation
  • Modern and varied lesson materials
  • A total cultural immersion experience
  • Affordable prices with discount options
  • Conversation and Exchange clubs
  • Philanthropic programs to help improve the futures of the youth in Cusco
  • Easy and direct customer service (WhatsApp, social networks, email)

With our online Spanish courses we help students to improve the fundamental aspects of the Spanish language, so that they can achieve  their goals  in learning the Spanish language! Read more: Why Learn Spanish.

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