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Online Spanish classes are for YOU if you want to learn Spanish fast or improve your Spanish quickly! No matter your previous knowledge, your experience, your talent or whatever else, you will learn Spanish fast thanks to the fun and entertaining online Spanish classes!

Online Spanish classes for everyone!

Online Spanish for adults

Spanish for Adults

  • All Levels
  • > 16 years
  • Group or one on one
  • Start: daily

Online Spanish learning for kids

Spanish for Kids

  • From Beginners
  • 4-12 years
  • Group or one on one
  • Start: weekly

Spanish Online for teens


  • Improve school results
  • 12 - 17 years
  • Group or one on one
  • Start: weekly

Spanish for professionals


  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Different professional areas
  • Closed Group or private
  • Start: contact us

Online Spanish for adults

Learn Spanish online: Adults

During online Spanish classes, our teachers spend most of the time on interactive activities and exercises through which you will learn to understand and speak Spanish.

Additionally, you will spend time on Spanish grammar, vocabulary building, writing and reading. Our intensive online Spanish courses are ideal to perfect and learn the Spanish language fast .

You can learn Spanish online in small groups or take individual classes.

Online Spanish learning for kids

Online Spanish Classes for Kids

Did you know that children who learn a new language from an early age benefit greatly in their intellectual development? Don’t miss this opportunity to take your kids one step further with an online Spanish course. We will help your child to become bilingual through activities and games and we’ll help to create great learning habits. Your child will learn Spanish fast and use it without fear, with confidence and correct pronunciation in Spanish. Our native tutors teach Spanish through fun and educational games.

There are individual Spanish classes or Spanish group classes.

Spanish Online for teens

Online Spanish Classes for Teens

These times are exciting and challenging for young people. They are no longer children, but they are not quite adults either. For teens, to learn well and at ease, it’s best they do this in specialized classes for adolescents. With our Online Spanish classes, your teen will improve verbal fluency and listening comprehension in Spanish in a dynamic and fun way. The readings and topics of conversation are tailored to their interests and personality. The course helps to improve school results through challenging and dynamic activities.

There are individual Spanish classes or group classes.

Spanish for professionals

Spanish Classes for Professionals

Learn Spanish with Spanish classes online with special objectives. Does your professional life require a high level of Spanish? If you want to learn Spanish fast for employment purposes, we have special Spanish courses:  Medical Spanish, Spanish for Tourism, Spanish for Business and other specialized courses.

Or, learn Spanish as a preparation for a trip to Spain or Latin America with our specialized course Spanish for Travel. And if you plan on doing an internationally recognized Spanish examen (such as DELE, or SIELE), prepare yourself with our Exam Preparation Course

Learn Spanish fast!

Learning a new language gives us a broader perspective on life and a better understanding and greater empathy for others. Start with our 7 day Free Spanish Course Online and register here.

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