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Mexican culture: test yourself

Mexican culture: test yourself

Mexican culture: test yourself.  Mexican culture is a fusion of European, African, and Indigenous cultures of the Aztecs and the Mayas. Mexico’s culture is rich, colourful and vibrant. It is unique, and probably one of the fascinating cultures in the world. The mixing of the different cultures is called ‘mestizaje’. This mestizaje, so typical for Mexico and also to other Latin American countries, produced a unique cultural identity we can see in many aspects of the Mexican culture, such as art, music, food, clothes and language.

Mexico has an incredibly wide variety in its food, ingredients and regional nuances. Therefore, Mexican cuisine is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Another recognition is the famous and important Celebration Day of the Dead. This important celebration is marked every year on November 2nd has been recognized by UNESCO as part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Dia de los muertos Cultura Mexico

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Have fun on your own or with friends or family doing our quiz: Mexican culture: test yourself!

Mexican culture: test yourself

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