Online Spanish Courses

Spanish Courses online

Online Spanish Courses

Online Spanish courses are for you, if you want to learn Spanish fast. You want to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish. Adults, children and adolescents, everyone can join! Our General Online Spanish course is for all levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced and proficient.  The intensive online Spanish courses are ideal if you want to learn Spanish fun and easy.

During the Spanish lessons we work on four important skills (listening, reading comprehension, oral and written expression) which allows you to increase your skills in handling Spanish in everyday situations. Our experienced teachers will provide you with all the key Spanish grammar and Spanish vocabulary to improve your language skills.

This is your opportunity to improve your fluency in Spanish while interacting with native Spanish language teachers and other students.

There are individual Spanish classes or group classes.

Online Spanish Course:

Online Spanish Courses

Our General Spanish course online is a great choice! This course is for all ages (kids, teens, adults) and levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced and advanced. It is an ideal online Spanish course for perfecting and advancing in the Spanish language fast. We work the four skills:

Our experienced teachers provide you with all the essential Spanish grammar and vocabulary knowledge to improve your language skills. Pick what’s best for you: Spanish group classes or individual classes
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Need specialized Spanish classes? Read further. We have designed specialized Spanish courses online that cover specific professional fields and specific situations in which a student may wish to improve their Spanish. These Spanish courses are for people with specific learning objectives, both professionally and personally. We recommend participating in these specialized courses when the student has an intermediate level of Spanish or higher.

Spanish for business online

Online Business Spanish

Participate in our special professional Spanish for Business course if your goal is to be able to discuss general business topics in Spanish with colleagues or clients. Business Spanish is widely used in all professional fields, especially business and sales, and is a bit different from General Spanish. Focusing on business topics will allow you to gain more confidence in Spanish while interacting with colleagues or clients in Spanish.

There are individual online Spanish classes, video classes and personalized group classes online (upon request).

Medical Spanish Online

Medical Spanish Online

Medical Spanish is specifically designed for doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals. During the Medical Spanish course, you will receive materials and activities so that you can understand and use Spanish for doctors and professionals in the area of health care. The course focuses on medical terminology and information to develop your skill for interacting with Spanish-speaking people.

There are individual Spanish classes, video classes and personalized group classes (upon request).

Spanish for travel

Travel Spanish

The Travel Spanish course is perfect for you if you have plans to travel to a Spanish speaking country, such as Latin America and Spain. In this course there is special attention for speaking and vocabulary related to travel, such as transportation, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, tourism agencies, etc.  There are any real-life settings where you can practice your Spanish including social talk to interact with the locals.

There are individual Spanish classes, video classes and personalized group classes (upon request).

Spanish for Tourism

Spanish for Tourism

The Spanish for tourism course is for staff in the tourism sector, such as tour guides, hotel staff, restaurants and travel agencies. During this course, students will receive materials and activities that will allow them to understand and use the relevant terms and vocabulary in Spanish and carry on conversations in Spanish of all kinds including customer service, dealing with complaints, etc.

There are individual Spanish classes, video classes and personalized group classes (upon request).

Spanish Dele preparation online

Spanish for Exams

Are you preparing to study in Spanish, or does your (future) employer require an internationally recognized certificate like DELE or Siele? We recommend taking this exam preparation course. These certifications have high academic value for college entrance assessments that require an objectively assessed level of Spanish. Teachers specialized in this subject have experience preparing students to achieve their goals and obtain certificates.

There are individual Online Spanish classes, video classes and personalized online group classes (upon request).


Spanish Online is known for its interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. Our methods and content help you to speak Spanish fast. Choose between our group classes or personalized individual programs. There are general Online Spanish courses and specialized courses for all ages: adults, adolescents and children. All the Online Spanish courses contain:

  • Study of Spanish grammar theory and practice
  • Spanish Vocabulary from different contexts to improve understanding
  • Reading texts of real life situations
  • Listening exercises to get used to a variety of accents and improve pronunciation
  • Guided conversation on various topics, role-playing games, debates
  • Pronunciation practice to improve fluency and confidence when speaking
  • Expressions, phrasal verbs, common mistakes and more
  • Development of understanding
  • Cultural issues about the Spanish-speaking world
Spanish Online method Cusco

One of the keys to our Spanish method is that we work on speaking skills in all of our classes, from the very beginning, at all times. Our groups are small and it’s our main goal that everyone speaks Spanish in every class. For this reason, apart from grammatical and practical aspects, we work on confidence with the language as well as other fundamentals such as grammar and other aspects.


Our Online Spanish courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This provides an overview of the levels, describing each in detail to ensure consistency and transferability across the world.

Spanish levels beginner

Level A1 –

Understand and use familiar and everyday expressions and very basic phrases. Introduce yourself to others, asking and answering questions about personal details; interact simply as long as others speak slowly and clearly and are ready to help.

Level A2 –

Understand frequently used sentences and expressions related to areas of immediate relevance (personal and family information, shopping, employment, etc.); communicate about simple, everyday tasks that require a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters; describing in simple words aspects of your background, immediate environment and urgent need matters.

Level B1 –

Understand the main points of a clear standard entry on family matters regularly encountered at work, school, leisure; deal with most situations that may arise during a trip; produce simple connected texts on topics that are familiar or of personal interest; describing experiences, events, dreams, etc. and giving reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Level B2 –

Advanced communication ability in Spanish, even in more complicated situations. The student will work extensively on past tenses and will be introduced to the subjunctive.  Can understand the main ideas of complex texts interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and naturalness so that communication is carried out without effort on the part of either of the interlocutors.

Spanish levels intermediate
Spanish levels advanced

Level C1 –

Understand a wide variety of demanding and long texts, as well as recognize implicit meanings. Can express himself fluently and spontaneously without very obvious signs of effort. Can also make flexible and effective use of language for social, academic and professional purposes. Can produce clear, well structured and detailed texts on topics of a certain complexity.

Level C2 –

Cleaning up minor imperfections and refining pronunciations and intonation. The student communicates, without difficulty, with people who are native speakers of Spanish.

Can express himself spontaneously, with great fluency and with a degree of precision that allows you to differentiate small nuances of meaning even in more complex situations. Errors in deficiencies in more complicated Spanish grammar structures that still exist will be corrected.

Online Spanish Courses: group or individual?

Learn Spanish online is a great choice! What do you prefer: the interaction of a (small) group, or the personalized attention of a teacher? If you learn Spanish Online with us, you can choose between group lessons or individual lessons.

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Spanish Group classes

Our groups are small and have an excellent environment where you feel very motivated at all times. There is a maximum of 8 students and you benefit from the interaction between students, that will stimulate you to speak Spanish and learn more. In the group classes, in addition to oral agility and listening comprehension, we work on confidence with the language. We want the class to be a very pleasant moment for you.

Individual Spanish classes

The other option that we offer is the individual Spanish class. Take advantage of the most personalized attention with a teacher that focuses specifically on you, your needs and interests. Private classes are a good option when you want maximum flexibility to reach your goal with a totally personalized plan. Individual classes tailored to your needs will be a constant stimulus for you to achieve your goal in a short time.

Spanish Online individual


Our Online Spanish courses are adapted to the official levels established by the Common European Framework (CEFR)  and Instituto Cervantes.

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