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Spanish Prepositions Exercise: Unlocking the Door to Fluent Expression

Spanish Prepositions Exercise

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Spanish prepositions. Are they tricky? Do they come with their own quirks? Let’s unravel the mysteries and master the art of using prepositions in Spanish for all of you that are learning Spanish (online).

Understanding Spanish Prepositions: A Brief Overview

Spanish prepositions, or “preposiciones” in Spanish, are essential elements in constructing meaningful sentences in Spanish. They indicate relationships between various elements within a sentence, such as the relationship in space, time, or direction.

Fundamental Spanish prepositions:

1. “A” (To, At): Example 1: Voy a la tienda. (I’m going to the store.)
Example 2: Estudiamos a la mañana. (We study in the morning.)
2. “En” (In, On, At): Example 1: Vivo en Argentina. (I live in Argentina.)
Example 2: El libro está en la mesa. (The book is on the table.)
3. “Con” (With): Example 1: Salgo con mis amigos. (I’m going out with my friends.)
Example 2: Cocino con mi hermana. (I cook with my sister.)
4. “Por” (For, By, Through): Example 1: Caminamos por el parque. (We walk through the park.)
Example 2: Lo hice por ti. (I did it for you.)
5. “De” (Of, From): Example 1: Es el libro de María. (It’s Maria’s book.)
Example 2: Soy de España. (I am from Spain.)


More Common prepositions in Spanish:
a to, at
ante before, in front of
bajo under, beneath
con with
contra against
de of, from
desde from, since
durante during
en in, on, at
entre between, among
hacia toward
hasta until, up to
mediante by means of
para for, in order to
por for, by, through
según according to
sin without
sobre on, over, about
tras after, behind

The Challenge: Mastering Spanish Prepositions

Why are prepositions challenging? They often don’t translate directly between languages, and their usage can be context-dependent. Let’s embrace the challenge with a quiz!

Practise spanish exercises Beginners

Spanish Exercise about prepositions for Low Intermediate Level

Choose the correct preposition for each sentence:

Now, wasn’t that an illuminating journey through the intricate world of Spanish prepositions? Keep practicing, and soon you’ll find yourself effortlessly navigating the linguistic landscape.

Please keep in mind that our list of Spanish Prepositions is not an exhaustive list, and there are regional variations and less common prepositions. However, in this article we talked about the most frequently used prepositions in everyday Spanish.

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