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Spanish vocabulary for Valentine’s Day

Spanish Vocabulary Valentines day

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and couples or want-to-be couples, are out and about expressing their love in numerous ways! It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! In this article, you’ll find Spanish vocabulary for Valentine’s Day.

There are many Valentine’s Day traditions that are typical no matter what country you are in. Some activities are common in South America, such as exchanging gifts like flowers, especially roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, stuffed animals and jewellery. In Latin America, el Día de San Valentín no solo es para couples but also between amigos.

Another common practice is with co-workers or friends. People make or buy Valentine’s Day cards, distribute the cards with small gifts and candy’s into a little box or paper bag. There are Valentine’s Day parties where they bring in sweets (e.g ‘corazones dulces’), cookies, and red velvet cupcakes. 

Red vuelve cakes Valentines Day

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions? Maybe you and your loved one will spend a relaxing night in and write funny love poems to one another while eating a large pizza. What is most important on Valentine’s Day is not what you do, or how much money you spend, it’s to show that you care for others.

And here is a fun fact for you! Did you know that more than one in four people (about 27%) of Americans plan to give their pets Valentine’s Day gifts this year?

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Spanish vocabulary for Valentine’s Day

Here are some important Spanish words and Spanish phrases to help you be even more romantic this Valentine’s Day! Challenge yourself and write a poem using some of these love terms! It’s not for nothing that Spanish is considered one of the most romantic languages – next to Italian and French – because of its passionate and sensual sound. According to the Language Department 

Corazones dulces San Valentin

(…..) Spanish has the euphonic characteristic of soft consonants and long vowels, and a melodic tone to it. (…) Spanish verb conjugations make it easy to create rhymes in Spanish, making it the perfect language for music and poetry. According to some composers, they just couldn’t find any other language than Spanish that gives the same freedom to compose such songs.

Spanish vocabulary for Valentine’s Day


  • To practice your pronunciation in Spanish, click on the icon to hear the words in Spanish


Amor Love
Amistad Friendship
Te amo / Te amo mucho I love you / I love you so much
Eres mi todo / eres todo para mi You’re my everything
Alma gemela Soul mate
media naranja Other half
Mi amor My love
Cena Dinner
Reservación para cenar Dinner reservation
mesa para dos Table for two
Rosas Roses
Flores Flowers
Clavel Carnation
Bouquet Bouquet
Sé mío/a Be mine
Estar enamorado(a) To fall in love
Coquetear To flirt
Caja de chocolates Box of chocolates
Persona especial Crush
Pareja Couple
Tarjeta de San Valentín Valentine’s Day card
Cita Date
Febrero February
Enamorad@/ Novi@(more serious) Girlfriend / Boyfriend
Amig@ Friend
Regalo Gift
Beso Kiss
Romance / Romántico Romance / Romantic
Loco por Wild about / Crazy about
Bebé Baby / Babe
De la cabeza a los pies Head over heels
El amor está en el aire Love is in the air
Hermos@, guap@ Handsome
Hermos@, Perfect@ Gorgeous
Lind@ / Bell@/ Bonit@ Beautiful
Querid@ Honey
Mi corazón Sweetheart
Verdadero amor True love
Apasionado(a) Passionate
Abrazo Hug
Quieres a salir conmigo? Will you go out with me?
Vamos a bailar? Let’s go dancing
Eres mi todo / eres todo para mi You’re my everything

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