Review Mat and John
We have been learning Spanish now for two weeks, and it has been a fantastic experience. We´re both good friends and teachers in Canada. We want to brush up on our Spanish-language skills hoping that one day we may be able to teach Spanish!

Mat and John

Review Ann Katrin
My name is Ann-Katrin. I like my Online Spanish classes because we a lovely group with people from all over the world and the teacher is fun. We did a lot of fun activities in class, and my Spanish improved. I would certainly recommend studying Spanish at Amauta Spanish School!

Ann Katrin

Review Ben and Sarah
We want to travel to Latin America. Therefore, we started with online Spanish lessons. We like them so far. The teacher is great, and the fellow students were fun too. Our Spanish is definitely more fluent already. Yes, we do recommend this Spanish course!

Ben and Sarah

Review Peter
For me this is probably the best way to learn Spanish. My Spanish improved a lot thanks to the Spanish lessons. Our group was small so that I could improve my conversation skills. The teacher is always talking in Spanish, so that is very helpful. This course provides an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish online.


Review Valquiria
¡Buenos Dias a todos! Soy Valquiria. I have studied Spanish at the university in Brasil, but I was looking for an opportunity to be more exposed to the Spanish-speaking culture, as well as different teaching styles. That’s why I found this online course with native speakers and many cultural elements. My Spanish has improved a lot. I liked that after a few weeks, I had a change of teacher; this helped to keep the classes fresh and exciting!


Review Davide
Hola Chicos! Soy Davide and soy de Switzerland. It has been great seeing my Spanish has improved thanks to this course. My mother is from Peru. She always spoke to me from a young age, so I did not have too much trouble understanding, but my speaking has dramatically improved over this short period. Much of this is because of AMAUTA´s methodology, which is very conversation-focused.


Review Charlotte
How to learn Spanish? Take this course! I started as I wanted to remember the Spanish language I studied at school a few years ago. But what this online Spanish course did was a complete boost for my Spanish skills! The teachers taught me a lot of vocabulary and many new sentences constructions. They took my Spanish level to a higher level!


Review Lars
My name is Lars, and I studied Spanish here for the last 11 weeks. I liked my Spanish classes! They were interesting, I learned a lot, and the professors are just nice people, you can feel how friendly and outgoing they are through the internet! My Spanish improved a lot! I started with no Spanish, and now I can talk.