Learn Spanish: Why?

There are many reasons to learn Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 21 countries and you can use Spanish all throughout Latin America and Spain. No matter how old you are, learning to speak Spanish will help you grow as a person and a professional.  And it is fun! One is the best ways to learn Spanish, is with Online Spanish classes.

Reasons to Learn Spanish Online

Reasons to learn Spanish:

  • grow in your professional field
  • have more job opportunities, better offers, a better salary
  • have more study opportunities, both abroad and online
  • have more access to study resources and information
  • travel the world and have unique and rich experiences, communicating with people
  • if you speak Spanish and English, you speak two global languages!
  • learn about the amazing culture and history of Spanish-speaking people
  • have the opportunity to read great writers in their original language
  • have more international friends
  • see more series on Netflix and more (original) videos on YouTube
  • stimulate your brain, stay active and shrapen your memory
  • learn Spanish because it’s an easy langauge to learn
  • have more confidence in yourself

FAQ's: Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish classes are like live class in real time! The students enter the virtual classroom  via Zoom or Google Meet. The teacher starts the Spanish class. The lesson material provides opportunitie for dynamic conversations, Spanish exercises, videos, audios and more. As a student you can interact with the teacher and your fellow students at any moment. All you need for the online Spanish classes is an Internet connection and a device with a microphone and a headset (built-in or external).

For the online Spanish lessons we work with Google Meet, Skype, and mostly with Zoom. Before each Spanish class, we send you a link. You can enter the class five minutes before the actual start time of the class. Go to ‘dashboard’, click on ‘view’ and then on ‘join’. And that’s it; you’re inside the virtual classroom.

There are (many) different options. If you are interested in individual online Spanish classes, we have good news: there is no minimum, and there is no maximum! You can study as little as 1 hour a week (or even 1 hour a month), or 3-4 hours a day!

If you have joined an online Spanish course in a small group, the minimum is one week.

The general Spanish group course begins every first and third Monday of the month. But you can even join the group any day of the month after taking the placement test.

You can participate in the number of weeks you want (with a minimum of 1 week), according to your time availability and objectives.

If you want specific information on how long you need to achieve a certain level, contact us or book a free trial class. You can take the placement test and with the results in hand, we can talk to you about your objectives and make a study plan for you.

For information on prices, we recommend visiting the prices and discounts page. The prices include Spanish tuition, material (online), a free trial class, placement exam, personalized study plan and a certificate upon completion of the online Spanish course.

Individual Online Spanish classes can be cancelled and rescheduled 24 hours in advance.

You can pay with VISA, Madtercard, Paypal, Western Union or through a bank transfer.

All candidates for the teaching position at our school go through a strict selection process. One of the requirements is to have a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience. Everyone participates in our training course to teach Spanish (online). We also look at their personality, their talents, and their willingness to do whatever it takes for students to achieve their goals. Most of the teachers are Peruvian or from South America.

That’s the million-dollar question 😉 It all depends on your commitment and how much time you have available. You can’t compare an individual course of 2-3 hours a day to a group course, no matter how small, of 1 hour a day. The results will be different.

Usually we can say that success is closer than you think. With our method it’s possible to start to understand a lot of what is being said, and to make simple conversations, just over the course of a few weeks!

The great advantage of learning Spanish online is flexibility.

You can choose your preferred schedule. Another benefit is the reduced cost, not only because you do not spend money to travel but also because online classes usually cost a little less than regular classes. So you can save time and money, and study when and in the place that suits you.

Online education is a relatively new thing, but with everything that is happening in the world right now due to the pandemic, online education is considered the most sought after option for providing quality education. Better take advantage of it!

That’s easy: all you need to do is get started. The sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve your goals! Learning a language is a process and it may be that at times, it becomes very long, even endless. But learning and speaking Spanish is a goal that you can achieve too! Just start, and you will see that the progress you will make day by day will encourage you to continue!